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Rutland Information Service

CPR and Defibrillator familiarisation and training

Rutland Community First Responders is a small group of local people who volunteer for East Midlands Ambulance service, responding to 999 calls across Rutland.

They are often FPOS (First Person on Scene) to life-threatening and other emergencies. The most serious incident is a Cardiac Arrest, which really needs vital CPR (often called Bystander CPR) and defibrillation by an automated external defibrillator (AED) at the very earliest opportunity to enhance the chance of survival.

Most villages in Rutland have an AED. For those currently without an AED, it is strongly advised that they install one. but if not would strongly advise installing one.

Rutland Community First Responders would like to offer CPR and Defibrillator familiarisation and training to any community in the County. If your village, parish or community would like to take advantage of the offer please contact the Group Coordinator Barbara Crellin: to discuss and arrange.

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