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Coronavirus: Aiming High update

Although physical activities have stopped, we are now running virtual groups! Currently running are: 


  • Mini Chaos: Tuesday, 5pm, ages 5-10
  • Youth Chaos: Wednesday, 6pm, ages 11-25
  • RDYF: Thursday, 6.00pm, ages 14-25
  • Step To It: Thursday 5.00pm, ages 5-25
  • Multisports: Friday, 5.15pm, ages 14-25
  • Youth Chaos: Saturday, 10am, ages 11-25


  • TOFU: Wed 17 June, 5pm, ages 11-19
  • Little & Young Stars: 4.30pm, ages 5-13
  • D&D: Friday, 6.45pm - 8.45pm, ages 14-25

If you have any questions or would like more information about the above please email

If you, your family, friends or anyone you know may need support during this time and are a Rutland resident, please visit the Council's website and click into the COVID-19: Community information, advice and support hub. In there you will find various support for shopping, medications, feeling isolated, financial support, food bank, volunteering - basically any support you require. Just let them know! Or get in contact with us at Aiming High and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

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