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Statutory SEND timescales - Data update Summer 2022

Parent/carers have asked for regular updates regarding SEND Performance

Performance Headlines - Summer 2022                                                                    

  • 304 Education Health and Care Plans ( EHCPs ) as of 23rd August 2022 – an increase in volume of 22 since end March 2022
  • 95% Education Health and Care Assessments (EHCNA) requests processed within 6 weeks (Jan -Jul 22)– delays due to staff absence meaning letters were sent 3 days late.  An increase in performance since end March 22.
  • 83% annual reviews completed within 12 months (academic YTD) – delays due to reasons outside LA control eg parental availability, school capacity (Jan – Jul 22).  An increase of 2% in performance since end March 22.  
  • 80% parents informed of LA decision within 4 weeks of an annual review (academic YTD)  - delays due to staff capacity early in the academic year – this has now been resolved. An increase in performance since end March 22.  
  • 85% Annual review issued within 12 weeks (academic YTD) – delays mainly due to reasons beyond LA control including delayed responses from parents, schools and partners and awaiting school consult responses.  A small minority (7%) were delayed due to case officer capacity earlier in the year – this has now been resolved.  An increase in performance since end March 22.  
  • 96% transition year annual reviews and schools named in plans by deadline (academic YTD)  - delays due to Tribunal process (Jan – Jul 22).  This has remined static since March 22 as transition placements are measured annually in March.
  • 51% children have met or partially met medium term outcomes during the year (academic year).  An increase in performance since end March 22. 
  • 83% parents satisfied or highly satisfied with EHCP post annual review (Jan – Jul 22).  An increase in performance since end March 22. 
  • 8 mediations have taken place (Jan- Jul 22) resulting in 7 cases being agreed satisfactorily between parties and not resulting in tribunal
  • 21 tribunal appeals have been lodged (Jan – Jul 22), 14 of these are now closed and only a minority of cases (numbers too small to publish) resulted in a Tribunal hearing where the LA received an order to amend an EHCP.  7 cases are currently open.


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