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Educational Psychology Service in Rutland - September 2022

As of 31st August 2022, Partners in Psychology, (PIP), will cease to be the Educational Psychology, (EP), Provider in Rutland. After 7 years of working with Rutland County Council, with a range of partners and with children and families, unfortunately our current EP colleagues have come to the decision to step away as a result of changes in personal and family circumstances within the EP team. The current EPs are conducting handover meetings with the new Provider and all existing children’s’ assessments and new assessments are being tracked and progressed. The EP team would like to take this opportunity to thank all their colleagues, school partners and families for the privilege of having worked with you over the last 7 years and they wish Rutland and its children and families all the very best for the future.

We are very pleased to introduce our new Rutland EP Provider, Psychology Direct. Psychology Direct, is a UK leading independent provider of Special Educational Needs services and is delighted to be commencing working in partnership with Rutland County Council, and its partners, to support  Rutland’s children and young people.

Psychology Direct was established 14 years ago, with the aim of improving access and support for people who require psychological services.  Since then, they have provided assessments and guidance to thousands of children and young people with special educational needs across the UK.

Psychology Direct share Rutland’s vision that every child or young person with special educational needs is deserving of the utmost support with their transition throughout their school years towards adulthood and are committed to helping to understand their needs in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. Psychology Direct are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Rutland County Council and with all children, schools, parents and carers across the county.

What does this mean for families?

We would like to reassure parents that children will still receive the same level of support and whilst there will be an adjustment as new EPs join us, we are all committed to ensuring positive outcomes for all children. For more information and a picture gallery plus short bios on Psychology Direct personnel, please click on the following link:

Please contact the SEND service on if you have any queries.


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