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National strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026

The Government has published the next strategy to improve the lives of autistic people: the national strategy for autistic children, young people, and adults: 2021 – 2026.

This new strategy, the first of its kind to cover children and young people as well as adults, focuses on supporting autistic people to live their lives in their communities, widening the focus beyond social care and health services, and includes references to housing.

The vision set out in the strategy is;

‘We want to create a society that truly understands and includes autistic people in all aspects of life; one in which autistic people of all ages, backgrounds and across the country have equal opportunities to play a full part in their communities and to have better access to the services they need throughout their lives. This is our vision to make life fundamentally better for autistic people, their families and carers by 2026 and we are determined to make it happen.’

You can read the full document on the government's website

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