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‘Working Together’ - Parent Carer Collaborative Meeting - 17th March 2022

Ref: The quality of the recording

We are aware that a few parents were concerned about the quality of the recording, and by way of an explanation and  offer you the following:

Finding a suitable space for the ‘Working Together’ event was a challenge as it was agreed in discussion with our Rutland Parent Carer Voice (RPCV), that a non-Rutland County Council (RRC),  venue in Oakham would be most appropriate to ensure parents felt comfortable and to keep travelling for most to a minimum. The venue also needed to have parking close by, be accessible and be large enough to potentially hold 100+ people. These parameters limited the choice of venues to Oakham Baptist Church and Voluntary Action Rutland,  which was not available on the day required. Once the request came in for the session to be recorded it was confirmed that RCC did not have the relevant equipment to do this off site. An external provider was considered; however, it was felt that this cost could not be justified versus using the equipment at the Baptist Church free of charge.

The administrator at the Church was not able to provide full support on the day, so instead showed RCC staff how to use the equipment. We chose to use only one camera to video the presentation so that the slides would be shown on the recording synced with the presenters’ words – using a second camera on the presenters themselves would have restricted the speakers to stand in one spot and the footage would have been overlaid on the footage of the slides, potentially covering some of the presentation content and not really adding any value.

We were provided with a second roving microphone which we planned to use if there were new questions, however as the session became more of a conversation, it did not seem appropriate to keep stopping this flow of dialogue.

We assured parents and carers that a full set of the questions and answers and the agreed areas for development would be shared with everyone and therefore  would capture the essence of the  conversations. These are posted on the Local Offer and with RPCV to distribute.

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