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Rutland Disabled Youth Forum or ‘RDYF’ is a group of young people aged 14-25 with a variety of disabilities. We ensure our voices are heard and considered about the services, facilities and accessibility in and around Rutland by working with appropriate organisations.

Our current campaign is #IncludeMe2. We felt that businesses and the community are aware of disabilities but not always accepting of them and do not always have a good understanding of the barriers we face. We would like to change people’s perspective and make services more inclusive by offering the community and local companies ‘Disability Acceptance Training’. This is something we’ve practiced with RCC staff and have had a lot of positive feedback. We now plan to offer this out into the wider community. 

The training includes definitions of our own disabilities and the legal definition of disability, our personal positive and negative experiences whilst being out in the community, and how we want to be treated. It also involves some fun activities which get people thinking.

We would like the opportunity to share our training with your organisation.  We feel that this exciting project is an opportunity to ensure that the needs of the whole community, including ours, are taken into account.  We all access the local community and so have both positive and challenging experiences to share with you – things that you may not have had to consider before.

If this is something you feel your organisation would benefit from, please contact:

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Rutland Disabled Youth Forum

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This page was last updated on: 10/08/2022

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