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AmazingTalker Online Tutoring

AmazingTalker is dedicated to developing a robust online learning platform that will assist students in their pursuit of any language or subject. AmazingTalker, founded in 2016 in Taipei (Taiwan) by Abner Chao, is a foreign language learning platform with over 1 million students and 100 employees spread across 10 countries. The goal is to provide 100% personalized learning with certified teachers using an AI recommendation system. Students select their teacher and course based on their level, budget, and availability. AmazingTalker, which will launch in France in 2020, aims to make private language lessons available to the general public. 


Each tutor creates materials that are tailored to your specific requirements. Select classes that fit your schedule, budget, and interests. Choose a course for beginners, intermediates, or advanced students, or one that focuses on a specific goal, such as pronunciation or test prep. 


Alternatively, you can speak with one of our tutors about tailoring a course to your specific interests. We offer a fully immersive language learning environment. Learn the fundamentals of grammar as well as the nuances of a language so that you can communicate more confidently and like a native speaker.


Get assistance and direct tutoring in a wide range of languages and subjects from Spanish Tutors, English Tutors, Japanese Tutors, and so on!

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