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Travel Training

Travel training is offered by Rutland County Council to children and young adults who need some help and support traveling independently. This includes buses, trains, taxis and on foot.

Who can have travel training?

We offer travel training to young people with SEN in education or who are looking for employment. We have also offered training to a young person who had 18 months out of education due to ill health and so had really lost their confidence.

How is travel training given?

The first step is for a travel trainer to meet the young person and their family to discuss what is hoping to be achieved from the training. After that the trainer will put together a training plan dependent on the student and their needs.

The course can then be tailored to the individual and their needs. It could be decided that the trainee only requires a supported walk to help them gain their confidence or it could be an entire course, which would include:

  • Classroom style sessions to work on time tables, money skills, telling the time, appropriate behaviour, keeping safe and appropriate behaviour.   
  • Accompanied travel: the trainer will walk the trainee through all steps of the journey in detail.
  • Supported travel: The trainer will become a more supportive role on the journey. Helping and prompting the trainee, rather than taking the lead.
  • Observed travel: The trainee is nearly ready for independent travel but to finally assess this the trainer needs to observe.

They are examples of the different types of travel training that can be offered and that will be decided by the trainer, trainee and their family.

Where would travel training take place?

If classroom style training was required that can be done in a place that suits the trainee. This might be at home, or school. There are working spaces at the Rutland County Council offices that are available. The actual journey training would largely take place on the route that the trainee wanted to take. Or if the training was for general purposes then it would take place near to where the trainee lives.

Who to contact

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Rutland County Council

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This page was last updated on: 08/10/2020

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