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Vista - Assessment and Rehabilitation

**As you know we are currently in unprecedented times. Our head office staff are working from home and all of Vista's shops are closed. Only essential staff and visitors will be allowed in our homes.

The DeafBlind team are still providing essential 1:1 support for the people they work with. For any queries, please contact us on 0116 249 8839. **

Supporting people with sight loss to live independently.

Vista’s assessment and rehabilitation officers are professionally qualified specialists who can help you adjust to losing your sight.

They will teach you specialist skills and techniques to help you stay independent at home and offer advice and guidance on adaptations or assistive technology that may be of benefit to you.

This could involve simple changes, such as lighting or magnifiers, advice on kitchen safety, such as pouring, chopping and peeling, or techniques to help with handwriting or using the telephone.

We can also provide training to help you travel independently and work with you to learn new routes, whether on foot or using public transport.

Who to contact

0116 249 8839

This page was last updated on: 14/02/2022

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