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Lamp Advocacy

Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP)

LAMP is an independent voluntary organisation working to promote good mental health for everyone living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

LAMP believes that if you use mental health services, you should have a say in how those services are delivered.

LAMP believes that if you are caring for someone in mental distress, you should be listened to and have your needs met. With over 27 years behind us, LAMP has become an integral part of the mental healthcare community in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

We specialise in providing mental health advocacy and in consultation and development for local services.

Who to contact

01162 556 286
Visit the Lamp Advocacy website
  • Advocacy service for individuals with mental health problems
  • Helping understand their rights
  • Working with issues including medical problems, social workers etc,
  • Can’t Do: housing issues or benefit problems 

Where to go

The Advocacy Coordinator
65 Regent Road

LAMP’s Advocates will:

  • Listen to you and ask you what you need
  • Tell you about your options so you can make an informed choice
  • Support you to speak up for yourself
  • Work with you in a way that is centred on your needs and wishes

Other Details

Local Offer

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