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Strategies for Relatives Carers Training program

Throughout the sessions we will be focusing on:

  • Providing skills to cope with behaviours related to your relative’s memory problems.
  • Developing skills to help you, including changing unhelpful thoughts, communication, assertiveness, relaxation, and pleasant activities.
  • Planning for you and your relative’s future needs.
  • Helping you maintain the skills you have learned over time.


There will be eight sessions each lasting one hour and each will include:

  • A new topic to discuss.
  • Making a plan for you to try out between sessions.
  • A new way of reducing stress.
  • Strategies to put into practice during, and between sessions.

Session 1: Stress and well-being

Session 2: Reasons for changes in behaviour 

Session 3: Making a behaviour plan

Session 4: Behaviour strategies and unhelpful thoughts

Session 5: Communication

Session 6: Planning for the future

Session 7: Pleasant events and your mood

Session 8: What works? Using skills and strategies in the future

For further details and how to get on the programme please email

Who to contact

01572 758341
Dementia UK
Parent Organisation
Dementia UK

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Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
Free of charge

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