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Battle Scars

Battle Scars currently provides UK-wide virtual support to adults of all ages and genders who are affected by self-harm urges or self-harm addiction such as:

  • cutting and scratching        
  • over-dosing and eating disorders
  • hitting and biting                 
  • self-neglect and obsessive negative thinking

The aim of Battle Scars is to create peer support in safe places to talk (currently online) where there is:

  • no judgement
  • no referral
  • no assessment   
  • no waiting list

Battle Scars help people (currently online through peer support groups) to increase self-awareness, learn ways to manage self-harm, and be with people who understand, so that nobody has to feel they are alone.

We can also provide training to Professionals, Practitioners, and Volunteers, to understand why people self-harm:

  • the root causes                    
  • the triggers
  • the urges   
  • the reasons

Battle Scars offers support (currently online) to parents, carers, friends, and family members, as well as volunteers, schools and other organisations who supports someone affected by self-harm, for example:

  • Men’s Sheds                          
  • Young Peoples’ groups, LGBT+
  • Drop-in sessions                   
  • Mental Health Cafes and groups
  • Community Hubs                 
  • College and University Student Support

Battle Scars is 100% survivor-led and run charity* offering:

  • online adult peer support groups for anyone in the UK
  • 1-day workshops (online) on eating disorders and self-harm
  • private group training (online) for your team
  • 2-hour Q&A-style training sessions (online to individuals or groups)
  • a unique 12-step self-harm addiction programme workbook for Professionals and Service Users

We have a team of Ambassadors who are able to provide information, visit and talk (online just now) about the work of Battle Scars, do radio interviews, attend events, and be open and honest about their lived experience of self-harm.

The Battle Scars website has useful resources, updates and information on self-harm:

Who to contact

07410 380747
Visit the Battle Scars website
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This page was last updated on: 20/07/2022

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