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Education Inclusion Partnership

Education Inclusion Partnership

The Education Inclusion Partnership (EIP) involves schools working together to support children with social, emotional and mental health needs who may be struggling to access mainstream education or are at risk of exclusion because of challenging behaviour. Rutland Education Inclusion Partnership has a quality assurance panel and an Inclusion Coordinator to ensure the process is fair and transparent. If a child has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) they will not access the EIP and will follow another pathway of support.

How does it work?

A referral is made to the EIP by the school completing a form which requires a signature from parents/ carer. The school will provide evidence they have tried to support the child within the school using all the skills and resources available to them (A Graduated Response). The referral is managed by the Inclusion Coordinator who will observe the child and speak to professionals in school. An action plan with recommendations will then be taken to the Education Inclusion Partnership Panel. School will share the outcome with parents/carers.

How will it help my child?

  • Being in the partnership enables schools to access a toolkit of supportive interventions which aim to: -
    1. Help to build children’s resilience in order to promote and maintain well-being and overcome challenges helping them reach their own individual potential.
    2. Help children to understand and positively regulate their emotions and feelings. This will enable children to begin to manage their own behaviours in a supported environment.

What is the Toolkit that schools can access?

  • A range of professionals who can offer advice, strategies and deliver interventions to support SEMH. A package of support can be arranged to support the individual needs of the child if assessed as appropriate.
  • Each primary school has a link Social Emotional and Mental Health Specialist Teacher to support school with Whole school knowledge and strategies around SEMH.

Is the Nurture Nest at Edith Weston part of the EIP?

Rutland County Council  and Edith Weston Primary School as the provider have an agreement for the delivery of nurture approach and provision. Outreach to other Rutland schools is intended to propagate positive nurture methodologies and principles so these can be embedded into school practice. Schools do not have to make a referral to the EIP to access this support, but if they are requesting outreach from the Nurture Hub, they should always discuss this with their link SEMH Specialist Teacher before proceeding. The school can then make a direct referral for outreach support to the Nurture Hub using their referral form. Placement in the Nurture Hub is not through the EIP.

Who do I talk to about this?

Your child’s SENCo at school will be able to tell you more about the Education Inclusion Partnership and if your child could benefit.


This page was last updated on: 19/10/2021

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