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Disability Rights UK

Our Vision

Equal participation for all

We want a society where everyone can participate equally.

Our Mission

We are disabled people leading change

In 3 years we will enable at least 50,000 diverse disabled people to have voice and influence, connecting with each other and with us. We support change agents and enable disabled people to exert power and influence. 

We will work in partnership with other Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to showcase approaches to social, economic and public participation and share learning, including through joint projects.

We will work with many organisations in a position to act, in all sectors, to support them to put disabled people’s priorities at the heart of their policies and practices.

We will campaign to strengthen and protect disabled people’s rights.

DR UK is itself led by people with diverse experiences of disability and health conditions, from different communities. We work with allies committed to equal participation for all. Together we can be stronger.

The Values that drive us

All our work is guided by 4 values:

Strength in difference

Sharing power



Policy Positions

DR UK’s policy positions state the progress we want and expect to see on major policy areas. They underpin our work & can be used by all our members and allies to press for change nationally, regionally and locally. 

Who to contact

0330 995 0400


This page was last updated on: 29/11/2018

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