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Care to Learn

The Care to Learn scheme can help with childcare costs while you study.

You must be aged under 20 at the start of your course.

The scheme is available for publicly-funded courses in England. This includes courses in:

  • schools
  • 6th forms in schools
  • 6th form colleges

What you'll get

You can get up to:

  • £160 per child per week if you live outside London
  • £175 per child per week if you live in London

What it covers

Care to Learn can help with the cost of:

  • your childcare, including deposit and registration fees
  • a childcare taster session for up to 5 days
  • keeping your childcare place over the summer holidays
  • taking your child to their childcare provider


Childcare payments go directly to your childcare provider.

Before they can be paid:

  • your childcare provider needs to confirm your child’s attendance
  • your school or college needs to confirm that you’re attending your course

Travel payments go direct to your school or college - they’ll either pay you or arrange travel for you.

When payments stop

Payments end when:

  • you stop attending your course
  • you reach the end of your course
  • your child stops attending childcare


You can get Care to Learn if:

  • you’re a parent under 20 at the start of your course
  • you’re the main carer for your child
  • you live in England
  • you’re either a British citizen or a national of a European Economic Area (EEA) country
  • your course qualifies
  • your childcare provider qualifies

Your course

Care to Learn is only available for publicly-funded courses in England. This includes courses that take place in:

  • schools
  • 6th forms in schools
  • 6th form colleges
  • other colleges and learning providers, including Foundation Learning
  • your community at Children’s Centres

Your learning provider can tell you if your course is eligible.

Your childcare provider

To qualify, your childcare provider must be registered with Ofsted.

They can be a:

  • childminder
  • preschool playgroup
  • day nursery
  • out of school club

If your child needs specialist childcare, the provider must also be on the Care Quality Commission’s register for specialist provision.

If you want a relative to get Care to Learn for looking after your child they need to be both:

  • providing registered childcare for children they’re not related to
  • living apart from you and your child

Who can’t get Care to Learn

You’re not eligible if:

  • you’re an apprentice who gets a salary
  • you’re doing a higher education course at university

How to claim

You apply online. How you do this depends on whether:

Making an application

You must choose your learning provider and childcare provider before you apply.

Your childcare provider is paid from the beginning of your course if you apply either:

  • before your course starts
  • within 28 days of starting your course

If you apply after that, your childcare provider will only be paid from the beginning of the week that your application was received.

You need to make a new application for each year you claim.

After you’ve applied

You must give your learning provider either:

  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • a letter confirming receipt of Child Benefit for that child

Your childcare provider will only be paid after you’ve provided this.

Who to contact

Visit the

Local Offer

This page was last updated on: 17/07/2019

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