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Sure Start Maternity Grant

You could get a one-off payment of £500 to help towards the costs of having a child. This is known as a Sure Start Maternity Grant.

You usually qualify for the grant if both of the following apply:

  • you’re expecting your first child, or you’re expecting a multiple birth (such as twins) and have children already
  • you or your partner already get certain benefits

You must claim the grant within 11 weeks of the baby’s due date or within 3 months after the baby’s birth.
You don’t have to pay the grant back and it won’t affect your other benefits or tax credits.

You may not get a grant if you already have children.

If you already have children

If you already have children under 16, you can only get a grant if you’re expecting a multiple birth.

Children under 16       Grant if you have twins              Grant if you have triplets
You have 1 or more (and none of them are from multiple births) £500 £1,000
You’ve already had twins £0 £500
You’ve already had triplets £0 £0

 More Information on if you qualify for the grant and how to claim and also the form to download, can be found on the .gov link below


Who to contact

0345 603 6967

This page was last updated on: 27/01/2017

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