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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offer support to people with a drinking problem.

AA say:

AA is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual alcoholics who turn to the Fellowship for help.

First, we know from experience that many problem drinkers might hesitate to turn to AA for help if they thought their problem might be discussed publicly, even inadvertently, by others. Newcomers should be able to seek help with complete assurance that their identities will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Fellowship.

If you seem to be having trouble with your drinking, or if your drinking has reached the point of where it worries you, you may be interested to know something about Alcoholics Anonymous and the AA programme of recovery from alcoholism which can be viewed here

Who to contact

0800 9177 650
Visit the AA website

Where to go

Alcoholics Anonymous
PO Box 1
10 Toft Green
View YO1 7NJ on a map

This page was last updated on: 26/09/2022

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