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Services for Young People

Welcome to the young people's area of RIS! This part of the RIS is all about services for young people in Rutland. Use the directory to have a look at what's out there, or you can seach for things that interest you. If you are…

Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to your Health & Wellbeing Support Pages - keeping well and healthy is really important for everyone. The links provide advice and information to help you make healthier choices and support services available. If you have worries or questions about your health, you can…

Rutland Parent Carer Voice: Q&A with Rutland County Council

Rutland Parent Carer Voice frequently ask Rutland County Council questions on behalf of parents and carers about services for children and young people with SEND. Here are the latest from Autumn 2019. Read the questions and answers

A Young Persons Guide To Thriving With ADHD

If you’ve just found out you have ADHD, you might be upset, even a bit annoyed. But you may also be relieved, because it explains why you do things in a certain way. And you may want to find out more about ADHD and where…

Rutland County Council's Priorities for Children and Young People: 2019-2022

Rutland County Council have set out their priorities for chidren and young people for 2019-2022. You can read the strategy online, or download a copy from this page.

Rutland Youth Council Small Grants

This is the Rutland Youth Council Small Grants official online application page. You can apply for a small grant of up to £250 if you are aged 11 to 19, or aged 11 to 25 with a special educational need or disability. The money can…

What is the Local Offer?

If you think your baby, child or young person might have a disability or special educational need the Local Offer has all the infomation you will need to help and support your family.  What is the Local Offer? The information, services, education providers and organisations…
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