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Unregistered Childcare

Unregistered childcare is more informal than registered childcare. Unregistered childcare includes: babysitters family and friends who look after your child sessions where parents attend, such as parent and toddler groups If you use unregistered childcare you will not be able to claim financial help with…

Upcoming ADHD Solutions webinars

ADHD Solutions will soon be holding two webinars: All About ADHD and 1-2-3 Magic. To book onto a webinar, contact ADHD Solutions directly. 

Update on our offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents and carers.

Education Health and Care (EHC) assessments, Plans and Reviews during Covid19 Pandemic   In May 2020 we published information on the local authority position about new Education, Health and Care assessments and Plans and the impact of the coronavirus on Annual Reviews.  At that time,…

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about supporting disabled people, older people and others who may be vulnerable. Advocacy can be very important if you need to start, change or stop something in your life. These can be changes to social care services or education which may affect you.…

What is not special educational need (SEN) but could impact on the child/young person's ability to learn?

Schools and colleges have a duty to monitor progress of all pupils.  Sometimes a lack  of or slow progress becomes a cause for concern.  A delay in learning may not indicate that a child or young person has special educational need (SEN) that calls for special…

Young Carers Service

If you are a young carer who lives or goes to school in Rutland, then you can get support from Rutland County Council. Little Stars, Young Stars and TOFU are monthly groups specifically run to support Young Carers.

A Young Persons Guide To Thriving With ADHD

If you’ve just found out you have ADHD, you might be upset, even a bit annoyed. But you may also be relieved, because it explains why you do things in a certain way. And you may want to find out more about ADHD and where…

Your health

Your health is really important! This part of the Local Offer on RIS is where you will find all the services that can help you live as healthily as possible. You can either: Click the 'view all services' button to see all health services. Type…

Your Home

There are several housing options available for people with SEND. Which one is most suitable for you depends on your own needs and wishes.  To find out more, you can either: Click the 'view all services' button to see all services that offer help with…
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