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Direct Payments - Managing Your Own Care and Support

If you have eligible care and support needs, a direct payment can help you to have more control over your life and support your independence. If you are a carer, a direct payment can support you to carry out your caring role.

Education, Health and Care Plans for professionals

This information page is about Education, Health and Care plans. 

Coronavirus - travel advice

The most important government advice is to stay at home.  If you must make an essential journey, going by car protects you better than choosing public transport. Public transport is still running across Rutland, but some bus services have been reduced. and trains are also running…

Coronavirus: Return to education and school transport

Below is some information prepared by Rutland County Council's Transport Team for parents and carers, regarding their child's school transport.  As our schools and other education provisions are welcoming children back to school and more students will need transport, the work of the Rutland County…

Early identification and assessment

In deciding whether to make special educational provision, the teacher and SENCo should consider all of the information gathered from within the school about the pupil’s progress. This information gathering should include an early discussion with the pupil and their parents. These early discussions with…

Educational provision and support for children and young people in Primary and Secondary schools.

General requirements for schools Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the pupils in their class, including where pupils access support from teaching assistants or specialist staff. High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to…

A Young Persons Guide To Thriving With ADHD

If you’ve just found out you have ADHD, you might be upset, even a bit annoyed. But you may also be relieved, because it explains why you do things in a certain way. And you may want to find out more about ADHD and where…

The Housing Options Service

Preventing Homelessness If you face the threat of becoming homeless, you need to make every effort to resolve your housing difficulties. The Council has limited housing resources and most people who become homeless are not entitled to the highest priority for rehousing. If you need…

Rutland Youth Council Small Grants

This is the Rutland Youth Council Small Grants official online application page. You can apply for a small grant of up to £250 if you are aged 11 to 19, or aged 11 to 25 with a special educational need or disability. The money can…

Supporting children during the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is a challenging time for many, including children and young people. Listed below are some resources to help support children during the outbreak.
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