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Staying independent

Listed below is some of the support available to help you remain healthy, happy and independent in and out of the home. ;Please be aware that some services mentioned are on hold during the coronavirus outbreak.

Thinking of quitting smoking?

The Stop Smoking Rutland programme is part of the Rutland Community Wellbeing Service. It has been designed to identify people’s individual needs and to help them understand and work around the triggers that lead…

Uppingham Bereavement Help Point is looking for volunteers!

Would you like to make a difference to local people? A partnership of local organisations is setting up a new bereavement group in Uppingham. The Bereavement Help Point wants to provide the local community with a…

Volunteer Plus Rutland is live

Rutland County Council and Citizens Advice have teamed up to launch a new free website serving the whole of Rutland’s volunteer sector, Volunteer Plus. This useful resource streamlines the volunteer sector in…

What is a Designated Clinical Officer (DCO)?

Who are your DCO team for SEND? Hello! I’m Jane Young, the DCO for special educational needs and disability (SEND) for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. I work for the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)s.…

What to do if someone falls

Should you fall, knowing how to get back up again safely could help to minimise the impact. This knowledge could also enable you to help someone else who has fallen. If you are not injured and want to try to get up: Take…
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