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Using the search bar lets you search using any combination of category, keywords and location. Category ;- use this if you know the type of results you want to find (e.g. adult care and support services, families…

Making a compliment, comment or complaint about Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council is committed to providing excellent services, and to delivering those services right first time for our customers. Where we succeed or exceed, we welcome feedback from customers who may…

All About Care and Support Services for adults: Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answers common questions people with care and support needs have. ;

Being physically active

Listed below are some resources to help you get active in a way that suits you - whether you're a complete beginner or wanting to increase your activity levels. ;

You said, we did...changes to the RIS

We have made some recent changes to the Rutland Information Service website which we hope will make the site an even handier resource for you and your family: You can now find the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…

Making Your Voice Heard: Independent advocacy for adults

The Council will involve you in any decisions made about you and your care and support. If you are unable to or have difficulty being involved, then an independent advocate might be needed.

The Housing Options Service

Preventing Homelessness If you face the threat of becoming homeless, you need to make every effort to resolve your housing difficulties. The Council has limited housing resources and most people who become…

Bereavement Support

Following a bereavement, people will be looking for support; to talk, and try and make sense of what has happened. Support is available from a number of organisations, offering helpful information on what to…

Preventing falls: looking after yourself

Anyone can experience a fall. However, as you age, your risk of falling increases. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to minimise those risks. The Royal College of Occupational Therapists has…

Preventing falls: ensuring a safe home environment

Take a look around your home for things that may cause you to trip, slip or fall and address them to make your home safer. Steps you could take to make your home as safe as possible could include: Ensuring floors are…
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