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I Care for Someone - What Support Could I Get?

If you are over 18 and look after a partner, family member or a friend with an illness or disability on an ongoing basis, you are a carer. Some people choose to become a carer, but others find themselves in this situation as a result…

Young Carers Service

If you are a young carer who lives or goes to school in Rutland, then you can get support from Rutland County Council. Little Stars, Young Stars and TOFU are monthly groups specifically run to support Young Carers.

Rutland’s SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2017

We want to support all children and young people with Special Educational Needs ans Disabilities aged 0-25 so they can… Live Independently Stay Healthy Take part in Education and Employment Have friendships and be part of a community Keep Safe In Rutland we want to…

Aiming High

Welcome to the Aiming High service! HowToCancel guide <a href=""></a>Powered by <a href="">Embed YouTube Video</a> The Aiming High team continues to provide support and targeted activities for children/young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families. Short breaks provide opportunities for children and…

Personal Assistant Network - PA

A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone who is employed to provide everyday care and support for adults, children or young people. This may include personal and domestic care, helping someone access their local community, as well as other day to day activities. Having a PA to provide support…

SEND Local Offer

Welcome to Rutland's Local Offer! Rutland Services for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities have been described as committed, inclusive and highly effective in the latest Ofsted inspection. Please follow this link to read the full Ofsted report To read the full news report on the…

The Mental Capacity Act

The Mental Capacity Act is designed to protect people who cannot make decisions for themselves or lack the mental capacity to do so. This could be due to a mental health condition, a severe learning difficulty, a brain injury, a stroke or unconsciousness due to…

Rutland County Council's Priorities for Children and Young People: 2019-2022

Rutland County Council have set out their priorities for chidren and young people for 2019-2022. You can read the strategy online, or download a copy from this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rutland County Council answer some FAQs about SEND services for children and young people in Rutland...
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