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SEND Local Offer Rutland Information Service

Moving on to adult services

Disabled people over 18 years old have their needs met by adult care and support. This means that a disabled child receiving support from children's services will be transitioned to adult care and support when they turn 18.

In England, the Care Act was introduced in April 2014 to ensure that there is no gap in services when a young person makes this transition.

It is important to note that the general rights of parents and disabled children under 18 will remain the same. This means that parents still have the right to request an assessment of their child's needs and the local authority is still under a duty to arrange support and practical assistance in meeting those recognised needs subject to criteria.

If a young person is not eligible for services after the assessment, information and advice will be given regarding support in the community and other third party agencies

What does this means for children and young people in Rutland? 

If a young person is likely to have adult social care needs we will have already identified them from age 14 yrs.

We carry out a transition assessment when there is significant benefit to the young person or carer in doing so, and if they are likely to have needs for care and support after turning 18.

If it is a young person already identified as likely to have needs we will automatically contact them at around their 17th birthday to start the assessment or before if there is significant planning needed.

However, any young person or someone acting on their behalf can request an assessment. This can be done by contacting our adult social care duty line.


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