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Your Home

There are several housing options available for people with SEND.

Which one is most suitable for you depends on your own needs and wishes. 

To find out more, you can either:

  • Click the 'view all services' button to see all services that offer help with housing.
  • Type what you are looking for in the 'keywords' box to search for services.
  • Contact Rutland County Council's Housing Options team for information and advice.

What is residential care?

A residential care home is somewhere to live that also gives you personal care services.

You may have your own room in a building that between 4-8 other people also live in.

All of your meals will be provided for you.

Care is available 24 hours a day.

What is supported living?

There are different types of supported living.

You share a home with a small number of other disabled people. Each person normally has their own bedroom.

The rest of the home is usually a shared space, and would include at least a lounge, kitchen and dining area.

There may be other facilities like a sensory room or laundry room.

There will be staff support, which may be visiting staff or staffed 24 hours a day.

You will have your own individual tenancy and have access to a range of other benefits.

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit will normally cover the costs of their rent.

What is independent living?

You will have a tenancy in your own name for a property either through the Council's Housing Options team, privately rented or owned.

It allows you to live independantly and receive the care you need.

Care can range from a few hours of support a week up to daily support, depending on the your needs.

Housing Beneift or Universal Credit will normally cover the cost of any rent paid.

You may also have access to a range of other benefits to live independantly. 

Equipment to help you at home

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing equipment to help you be independent in your own home. These include height-adjustable work surfaces and pull-down cabinets in the kitchen, walk-in showers in the bathroom and switches to open or close windows.

You can also contact Rutland County Council's Housing Options Team to discuss your options in further detail.

Preparing for Adulthood Guide

Rutland County Council and Rutland Parent Carer Voice have put together a guide to supporting you into adulthood.

The guide aims to provide you with information to help you become as independent as possible and live a fulfilling life.

Read the guide.  

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