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SEND Local Offer Rutland Information Service

Aiming High

Welcome to the Aiming High service!

The Aiming High team provides support and specific activities for children/young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families.

Aiming High provide short break opportunities for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities to spend time away from their primary carers and provide parents/carers with a valuable break away from their responsibilities to re-charge their batteries. A short break ranges from an hour at an activity to a weekend away. Short breaks can include day, evening, overnight, weekend or holiday activities and have been designed to enable children/young people aged under 25 years with a disability to enjoy a choice of activities independently in their community.

Universal Services

These are services available to all children and young people and include activities run by the Youth Service at Rutland County Council as well as those that are run by local community groups. Universal services also include those run at sports centres or schools and will be the first option for many families. We work with providers to promote inclusion and support universal services to meet the needs of children and young people. Children will not need an assessment to access universal services and will just need to meet any criteria stipulated by the provider such as age restrictions.

Aiming High Targeted Short Breaks

Some children and young people prefer to access groups and services that are specifically designed to meet their needs. These are called Aiming High Targeted Short Breaks.

The Aiming High Team currently offer a range of targeted short breaks at a variety of locations across the County.

Access Criteria: Activities open to any disabled child/young person who lives in Rutland and is registered with Aiming High.

Availability: Unlimited, although children/young people who have not attended certain activities before may be given a priority.

Application Process: Via Aiming High Team.

Aiming High Short Breaks Scheme

Universal activities are those open to all children and young people.

It is recognised however that some children and young people who are disabled need additional support to access these services.

Access Criteria:

  • Aged 5 Years to 25 Years
  • Resident in Rutland
  • Not receiving support funded by Rutland Social Care
  • Are in receipt of higher level Disability Living Allowance or enhanced Personal Independence Payment (Care Component)


  • Have a place that is funded by Rutland Council at a special school and are in receipt of a mid-rate Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (Care Component)

A Short Breaks Scheme payment may be available if you meet the above criteria.

Families may use this payment creatively to pay for a whole range of short break opportunities so long as this provides a fun and enjoyable experience for their child and a short break for the rest of the Family.

Families are required to report to Rutland County Council regarding their spend and guidance is available on what the Short Break Scheme.

Aiming High Wider Support

The Aiming High Team also provide wider support for families who have a child with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND).

Services include family support, parenting courses, support groups, drop ins and access to specialist services and information. The Aiming High Team also work with siblings of children with SEND through Young Carers Groups called Young Stars and TOFU (Time out for Us).

How do we apply?

Please complete an application form online to join the Aiming High Register.

You can also find the application form on the inside back cover of the Aiming High brochure. 

01572 728390

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