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SEND Local Offer Rutland Information Service

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments and Plans

What is an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment?

An Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) takes a detailed look at any educational, health and /or care needs you may have, to help find any support you might need to help you learn.

The assessment looks at the things you can do, the things you struggle with or can’t do, and any special help you need.

An EHCNA brings the views of many different people together:

  • From you
  • Your parents
  • Your nursey, school or college
  • Any professionals who work with you or support you

The assessment is used to find out whether you need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Why would someone need to have an EHCNA?

Early years settings, schools and colleges offer special educational needs (SEN) support to children and young people who need this.

But sometimes, a child or young person might need more help than the school alone can provide. 

So when a child or young person doesn’t make progress after their school has offered all the SEN support it can, an EHCNA might be the next step.

How do you decide whether to carry out an EHCNA?

Rutland County Council will look at:

  • Your skills, abilities and rate of progress
  • Your special educational need
  • The kinds of support your school or college has given you
  • What difference any of the support has made for you
  • Your physical, emotional, social development and health needs

Can parents and carers ask for an EHCNA?

Yes – parents & carers can complete a EHCNA parental request form and an Information sharing and consent permission form.

Information for Parents & Carers

It is always a key to talk to your child’s early years setting, school or college before asking for an EHCNA.

Other professionals, for example your doctor or health visitor, can tell Rutland County Council that they think your child needs an assessment.

You can find out more about advice and information for EHC needs assessments in the SEND Code of Practice.

You can also look at the Council's EHC Plans Easy Read Guide and EHC Plans Guide For Parents.

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