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Children Looked After & Care Leavers

Welcome to the Children Looked After and Care Leavers section of the Rutland Information Service.

You can find out about information you might need and services to support you here.

We’ve included some frequently asked questions which we hope you find useful, and some useful contacts information.

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions about how we can improve these pages, get in touch – your feedback is really important to us!

Our Pledges...

are a list of promises that we make to all children and young people in care in Rutland.

The pledges have been co-designed with children and young people, who told us what’s important to them.

You can read our pledges here

Independent Advocacy Service

MyView app

myView app

MyView is an app for looked after children are care leavers. You can find more information out about it here.

Speak Up, Speak Out (SUSO)

Find out about Speak Up, Speak Out (SUSO)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions children and young people frequently ask us…


Why am I being looked after?


Children and young people are looked after for all sorts of reasons. We work together with your family to ensure you are safe and healthy, but sometimes families need help and children and young people need to be looked after.


It’s important that your social worker finds out what your needs are before you come into care. This is called an assessment. The assessment helps your social worker to plan the best place for you to live. They will probably have spoken to your family, teachers and relatives to help them to write this assessment. They should also have asked you about your wishes and feelings too.


Will I see my family?


It is really important to keep in touch with your family, if that’s what you and your family want, and if it’s safe for you to do so. Your social worker and the people caring for you will help with arrangements when you see your family. Seeing your family and keeping in touch with them is an important part of your care plan. Your family worker and the people looking after you will support you to achieve this.


Will I see my friends?


We will encourage and support you to keep in touch with your friends if it’s what you want and it is safe for you to do so.  We can include this in your care plan, and your family worker and the people looking after you will support you to achieve this.


How long will I be looked after for?


Everyone is different, but we do aim for all children to return home as soon as

it is safe for this to happen. Sometimes it can happen quickly, but sometimes it

can take longer. You can talk to your social worker who can explain any

specific plans for you.


How much of a say will I have in what happens?


Your social worker should involve you in all decisions being made about your care and support. 


You will be invited to express your views before review meetings and have opportunities to make your wishes and feelings known. 


If at any time you feel you are not being listened to you can ask for the support of an independent advocate. They will help you to make your voice heard, make sure you understand your rights and they will support you before, during and after meetings take place.  Let your social worker or foster carer know if you would like an independent advocate or you can call 01572 758301 and ask for the advocacy service.


Will I have to change school?


We will make every effort to maintain your school placement.  On the rare occasion this is unavoidable, we will always secure a move to a good school which will meet your needs. The voice of the young person is always listened to and considered when making such an important decision about a school move.

Useful Contacts

Rutland County Council                   01572 722577

Children's Social Care                      01572 758327


Independent Advocacy Service         01572 758301


Jules House (Youth Service)             01572 758301




NHS (non-emergencies)                        111


Your ‘Health Passport’ also contained lots of useful health information.

Useful Websites

Click the links below to visit the websites.

RIS - Health & Wellbeing

RIS - Education & Careers

Rutland County Council

Children's Commissioner

Save The Children - Children's Rights

UNICEF - Children's Rights

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