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Aiming High Short Breaks Scheme

The Aiming High Short Breaks scheme is for children and young people who need additional support to attend or take part in leisure activities.

Short breaks give children and young people the chance to spend time away from their parents or carers.

They can give parents and carers a valuable break away from their responsibilities to recharge their batteries.

A short break ranges from an hour at an activity to a weekend away.

Short breaks can include day, evening, overnight, weekend or holiday activities..

How the Short Break Scheme Works

Money will be paid directly to your family.

You have the freedom to spend the money on the short breaks that will benefit your child the most.

The payment is to help cover any additional costs a child with special educational needs or a disabilty may incur when going out for the day or to an activity.


What You Can Spend The Grant On

A short breaks grant can be used for:

  • To pay a personal assistant to provide 1:1 support to attend the short break
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Costs involved in paying a personal assistant (e.g. payroll)
  • A disability railcard
  • PA / carer travel costs to an activity
  • Entry costs for the PA in to the venue
  • Private 1:1 tuition if you child needs this because of their additional needs (e.g. riding, dancing, singing)
  • 1:1 support to allow your child to attend an activity, including Aiming High and Family Centre activities 

Who Can Apply

The scheme is for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years old, resident in Rutland and:

  1. Have a place at a special school that is funded by Rutland County Council and are in receipt of mid-rate disability living allowance / PIP (care component)
  2. Recieve higher lever disability living allowance / PIP (care component)

How To Apply

You need to complete an application for and send it to the Aiming High team.

You can find the application form on the inside back cover of the Short Breaks Scheme Brochure

Grant Amounts

Once we are satisfied your family meet the criteria, you will receive the following:

In receipt of higher rate DLA / PIP - £1,000 per year

In receipt of mid rate DLA / PIP - £800 per year

If you apply part way through a year, the amount will be paid on a prorata basis.

The money will be paid in two installments throughout the year.

Your Responsibilities

  • You must have a separate bank account for the grant to be paid in to.
  • You have to return a monitoring form to let us know how the funds have been spent. This also helps us to plan for future services.
  • You must also keep receipts showing how the money was spent.

Future installments will not be released until your monitoring form has been returned.


Where to Get More Help

Contat the Aiming High team at the Council:

Tel: 01572 722577


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