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Rutland Information Service

Young Carers Service

If you are a young carer who lives or goes to school in Rutland, then you can get support from Rutland County Council.

Little Stars, Young Stars and TOFU are monthly groups specifically run to support Young Carers.

Am I a Young Carer?

If you're under 18 years old, and provide unpaid care to anyone in your family who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances then you are a young carer.

Here are some examples of tasks a young carer may do:

  • practical tasks - cooking, housework, shopping
  • physical care - lifting, helping up the stairs, physiotherapy
  • personal care s - dressing, washing and helping someone go to the toilet
  • emotional support - listening, calming someone and being present
  • household management - paying the bills, managing finances and collecting benefits
  • looking after your brother or sister - putting them to bed and walking to school
  • interpreting for parents with hearing or speech impediments or unable to speak English
  • Administering medication - insulin needles and preparing daily tablets
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