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Rutland Information Service

Educational provision and support for children and young people in Primary and Secondary schools.

General requirements for schools

Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the pupils in their class, including where pupils access support from teaching assistants or specialist staff.

High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN.

Quality First Teaching

Rutland’s local offer – Quality First Teaching and learning for ALL learners. 

‘Teachers should set high expectations for every pupil. They should plan stretching work for pupils whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard. They have an even greater obligation to plan lessons for pupils who have low levels of prior attainment or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Teachers should use appropriate assessment to set targets which are deliberately ambitious.’  National Curriculum

In schools and colleges, there is an expectation that all children, including those with special educational needs, receive a universal offer of high quality teaching. This is sometimes called ‘Wave 1’ offer or ‘Quality First Teaching’.  

What does this mean?

  • Lessons are highly focused with clear objectives
  • Teachers have high demands of pupil involvement and engagement with learning
  • There are high levels of interaction for all pupils
  • Lessons have appropriate use of questioning, modelling and explaining
  • There should be an emphasis on learning through dialogue – this might be modified for children who have a special educational need
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