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The SEND Capital Programme (as of March 2021)

The SEND Capital programme is part of improving our whole SEND and Inclusion services for children and families in Rutland. The Government provided £849,000 between 2018 and 2021 to develop facilities for children with Special Educational Needs as part of the Department for Education’s Special Provision Funding programme.

The aim of the funding has been to shift the balance of provision to make more places available in the county, so that more children can access good quality local education which helps them to make local friends and enjoy being part of their local community. These are all good life skills evidenced to impact on their positive independence as an adult.  

Good progress has been made in shaping facilities for Secondary provision at Uppingham Community College for children with Communication and Interaction needs including children with Autism, places started to become available in September 2020. As well as this primary phase Nurture outreach arrangements for all primary schools, and a some limited facilities at Edith Weston Primary School, began in March 2020.

Rutland County Council SEND case officers work with families where children have an Education Health and Care plan, to support them with information to determine what kind of provision is likely to best meet children's needs. A multi-agency panel determines which provision has space and facilities best suited to support children.

Direct conversations with children and parents, throughout this period, have informed how facilities have been commissioned and the kinds of support that is important.

Remaining capital funding is likely to focus on additional Secondary facilities.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with parents and children as we develop solutions and continue to welcome comments and thoughts, though email or by contacting Programme Manager Louise Crookenden-Johnson 01572 758 250.

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