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Rutland Information Service

Staying independent

Listed below is some of the support available to help you remain healthy, happy and independent in and out of the home. Please be aware that some services mentioned are on hold during the coronavirus outbreak.

Your home

If you are disabled and need to make changes to your home, you could be entitled to a grant from Rutland County Council. There's a range of equipment on the market that can help you to remain living independently at home, and could prevent you from needing to have someone to come and support you.

Longhurst Group deliver a Housing MOT service to customers across Rutland, which provides information, advice and support to help you to maintain your independence and live as safely as possible in your own home. Their Lifeline and Assistive Technology Service also offers a range of products designed to make home life easier and safer.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service provides advice on staying safe at home, and the NHS and Age UK both offer advice and guidance on preventing falls in the home.

Age UK have compiled a Business Directory, providing details of trusted services, traders and businesses throughout Leicestershire and Rutland.

Advice on reducing your energy costs and improving efficiency is available through Rutland County Council, including LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) - a free service helping people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money.

Help at home

Rutland County Council's Adult Social Care department can carry out an assessment for an adult who appears to have a need for care and support. The aim of an assessment is to find out what your care and support needs are, to help you understand your situation and get the right kind of care and support when you need it. 

Personal Assistants (PAs) are employed to support children and adults with care and support needs, allowing them to be as independent as practicably possible. Tasks may include washing and dressing, meal preparation and supporting individuals to access the local community and places of interest.

There are many organisations working across Rutland to offer practical help, including care in the home or meal preparation and delivery

If, through illness, age or disability, you are unable to pull your bins to your property boundary, Rutland County Council offer an Assisted Collection service. This service is only available when there is no-one in the household who is physically able to move the bins.

Your wellbeing

Support is available for adults with physical health conditionsmental health conditions, dementia  or learning disabilities and their carersDay Centres can also be a great way of socialising, as well as a change from the ordinary.

Keeping people safe is everyone's responsiblity. If you are concerned that a child, young person or vulnerable adult may be being abused, report your concerns directly to Rutland County Council. You can also see some of the organisations offering support on matters such as safeguarding and abuse and online safety.

There are many organisations offering information and advice to Rutland residents, including bereavement support and signposting.

If you need help or advice on travelling, visit the Getting Around Rutland page.

You can see a catalogue of some of the health services available across the county, including opticians, dentists and podiatrists.

Rutland has an abundance of things to do on offer - whether that's increasing your fitness, taking up a new hobby, joining a new social group or activity, or even volunteering.  

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