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What to do if someone falls

Should you fall, knowing how to get back up again safely could help to minimise the impact. This knowledge could also enable you to help someone else who has fallen.

If you are not injured and want to try to get up:

Take your time. Plan what your first step will be. Look around to see what surfaces you can use to help you such as a steady chair, steps or a table. Roll onto your side, and then move onto your hands and knees. Use a nearby firm surface to help you stand. Once you're up, carefully sit down somewhere you can easily get up from again.

If you are injured, or can't get up:

If you can reach your phone, call for help. If not, try and summon help by shouting or banging on a wall.

Whilst you wait for help, try and stay warm. If you can safely reach a blanket, towel or some bedding, use these to cover you and support your head. If you can, move away from any wet or draughty areas. Keep moving your limbs if you are able to. This will help prevent them stiffening up, and aid good circulation.

You should inform your GP if you have a fall.

If you are helping someone else who has fallen:

This NHS film demonstrates how to help someone who has fallen.

If you are helping someone, do not rush them. Let them take their time so that they can assess for themselves whether they are injured and get reoriented before ideally getting themselves up. Talk them slowly through what to do.

NHS Inform have also compiled a page of advice on what to do if you fall, including some useful videos.

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