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What is not special educational need (SEN) but could impact on the child/young person's ability to learn?

Schools and colleges have a duty to monitor progress of all pupils.  Sometimes a lack  of or slow progress becomes a cause for concern.  A delay in learning may not indicate that a child or young person has special educational need (SEN) that calls for special educational provision.  Quality of teaching and learning should always be considered as a possible reason for unexpected slow progress and widening gaps in attainment.


Schools and colleges should also carefully consider if issues other than special educational need impact on progress and/or attainment.  These may include:

  • Disability (the code of practice outlines the reasonable adjustment duty for all settings schools and colleges provided under the Disability Equality legislation; these alone do not constitute SEN).
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Health and welfare
  • English as additional language

If you are concerned about the rate of progress your child is making or any other issue related to their learning please contact your child’s school or college.

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