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Neurodevelopment Improvement Programme

The Neurodevelopment (ND) Improvement Programme will improve the outcomes of children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by identifying the resources committed to their diagnosis and care, agreeing opportunities for improvement and implementing new delivery, finance and workforce models. This work will be undertaken across stakeholder organisations and will include all levels of intervention.

Leicestershire Partnership Trust’s (LPT) FYPC senior leadership team identified the need for systemic improvement in the delivery of their ND service offer and on 4th February at their Business Meeting confirmed their commitment to this programme of improvement work.

This decision was preceded by significant development work undertaken within the clinical leadership team to address the clinical model during 2019 and a clear mandate for system wide improvement communicated via service user and multi-agency stakeholders at a CCG event held in September 2019.

As the FYPC programme brief developed, CCG colleagues committed to supporting the expansion of the FYPC programme to realise the full benefits through inclusion of local authority, voluntary sector and education arrangements. It was agreed to support the significant increase in the scope of the programme through the allocation of a project worker for the duration of the programme and executive level sponsorship. The CCGs and local authorities confirmation of this new mandate was confirmed on 10thth February 2020 at the LR C&YP Senior Leaders Group.

The Project Board and its sponsors agree that the following guidance and legislation present the expectations of improvement to our local service offer to CYP with known or suspected ASD/ADHD disorders.

  • The SEND Agenda
  • Transforming Care
  • Better Care Together
  • The Ten Year Plan

It was also noted and agreed at the May 2020 ND Transformation Board that the ND Transformation Programme will include recovery and restoration work post-Covid 19. This will ensure opportunities for service recovery and restoration are prioritised and applied.


Success of the ND Improvement Programme will be achieved through system wide realisation of the following outcomes:

  • Establishing a sustainable ND delivery model: This programme will define the financial resources available across the system and present a costed workforce model to meet the demands of the LLR ND cohort of children and young people throughout all levels of intervention.
  •  Establishing quality standards: This programme will agree and embed LLR wide strategic and stakeholder informed outcomes and quality standards that support children and young people with ASD and/or ADHD to lead ordinary, fulfilling lives with the right support at the right time.
  •  Establishing place-based integrated ND teams. This programme will assess the viability of co-located, integrated ND teams to provide place-based, timely targeted care for LLR children and young people with ASD and/or ADHD. The findings of this viability study and recommendations from it will be shared with the LR C&YP Senior Leaders Group to seek agreement prior to implementation.
  •  Establishing a LLR ND delivery model that has the voice of the child and young person at its centre. Service user engagement and involvement will be a core feature of the ND Transformation Programme to ensure arrangements fully engage service users and carers both in the design and delivery of services, and in ongoing quality improvement work.
  •  Establishing system wide infrastructure to enable efficient monitoring and provision of the LLR ND delivery model:  This programme will establish improvements to the administration, monitoring and reporting of the LLR ND offer. This will enable efficient administration; robust data capture and reporting, tailored application of SystmOne, a shared data set across organisations, and a shared agreement on the use of partnership estate.

Phases of the ND Transformation programme

Each phase of the programme will be completed as follows:

Phase One will be complete when the future LLR ND delivery model has been proposed and agreed by the ND Programme Board and LR C&YP Senior Leaders Group.

Phase Two will be complete when the future LLR ND delivery model has been mobilised and implemented.

Phase Three will be complete when processes for on-going review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the LLR ND delivery model have been designed and embedded.

Concurrent Operational Improvements

Throughout the programme when opportunities for improvement are identified these will be formally communicated to the key stakeholders in order to accelerate improvements to the accessibility and quality of services. Progress on the implementation of these improvements will be reported within programme updates.  

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