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SEND Local Offer Rutland Information Service

Preparing you for adulthood

What is “Preparing you for Adulthood”?

Preparing for Adulthood is about taking steps so children and young people with

special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) -

•    can enjoy independent living as adults as fully as possible

•    can achieve as much as possible

Preparing for Adulthood includes preparing for

•    higher education and/or employment, including self-employment

•    independent living, including supported living

•    participation in wider society

•    living as healthily as possible as an adult

Supporting children and young people with SEND to become more independent can be life-transforming. It should happen from their earliest years and certainly no later than age 13 or 14.

 The information in this area is based on the Children and Families Act 2014 and the government’s SEN Code of Practice 2014.

The Code of Practice says that local authorities (LAs) and health bodies which support children and young people with SEND must have regard to:

•    the views, wishes and feelings of the child or teenager, and their parents/carers

•    the importance of families (the child, teenager and their parents/carers)

participating as fully as possible in decisions

•             families being provided with the information and support needed to help them take part in those decisions

•             the need to support families in the development of the child or teenager and in helping the child/teenager achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, preparing them effectively for adulthood.

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